Kal Wayman
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Low Kal is not a brand. It is a lifestyle.

I'm not the rapper that's going to finance your next house. But I am the mortgage broker who can do a fun rap song. All people have hobbies. Some work on cars, some paint pictures. I write songs. We all have an alter ego. Work hard, play harder is my logo. That's what Low Kal is all about. It's a lifestyle for young professionals that can appreciate an honest hard days work but know how to live like a rockstar when they are done. They are good at what they do on both ends of the candle. They live legitimately but appear larger than life. Other people don't understand how this is possible and it's that very mindset which pushes the "Low Kal" individual forward. They push the envelope to the point of almost breaking and are the most successful in their field. When they call their friends, they brag about their ranking on the sales report and then talk about where they are getting a table later on that night. Last but not least, stay humble, respect others and do onto others as you would do to yourself.

Cheers to you!
See what I do for business. And listen to what I do for fun.

Kal Wayman
Because I Can

I Got a Table

Low Kal Tees Coming Soon!

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